An effective way to enliven your writing

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In high school, I used to study the figures of speech used by poets and novelists to make their writing more engaging. Then, I thought to myself: how can they convey so much and continuously engage the reader in such short sentences?

At first, I believed it was impossible to come up with effective ways of surprising the reader without years of practice. I thought it required a lot of consultation and rewriting to even start drafting. But then I realised it all came down to one figure of speech: alliteration.

What is alliteration?

Alliteration the use of the same…

How to make sure you are always improving

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When I first started learning Korean, I paid a lot of attention to what techniques could help me effectively study my target language. Then, I thought to myself: “how can I optimize my learning experience ? Is there a right way to learn?”.

At first, I thought I just needed to make sure I was steadily improving: after a while, I would start being fluent, right? …

An effective way to engage your audience

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In high school, I used to study the figures of speech one could use to make their writing more engaging. I remember I thought it was impossible to find easy ways to keep the reader surprised and interested.

I always wondered how writers could come up with compelling hooks without sounding imperious or domineering. I thought they had to use many tools to even start captivating the reader. But then I realised it all came down to one figure of speech: the hypophora.

What is a hypophora?

A hypophora is a rhetorical figure a device in which the author poses a question…

Pearls of wisdom from one of the most respected scientists in the world.

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Imagine being told you only have a few years left to live at age 21 because of motor neurone disease but defying the odds and continuing to live for 55 more years. That’s Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned scientist who helped further our understanding of the universe.

Beyond his remarkable work as a theoretical physicist, Hawking also delivered many valuable life lessons in his interviews. With wit and optimism, his words challenge our perception of our actions and teach us how to think bigger.

Stephen Hawking’s life is truly inspiring. …

3 effective ways to avoid language transfer

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In High-school, my Spanish teacher used to analyse the structural and grammatical differences between English and Spanish. We used to highlight how specific scenarios were portrayed in both languages to explain what made each one unique.

At first, I didn’t see a lot of correlation between effectively learning Spanish and comparing it to another language. I thought I only needed to remember sentence structures and prepositions to fully master the language. After all, my teacher did put a strong emphasis on vocabulary, grammar and syntax. But as we practised, one recurring pattern was still in the way.

Even if we…

About culture, languages, imagination and how we navigate our lives

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In high school, my literature teacher used to underline the importance of reading, a lot. Then, I thought to myself: “I’d love to but there’s so much one can read and I don’t know where to start.”

At first, I was overwhelmed by how much literature could offer: so many universes, characters, ideas and themes. I would go to a bookshop and just stare at books instead of dedicating myself to finally read one. I thought one needed to dedicate a whole day just to find what to read. …

It’s more than just a practical skill

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When I first started learning Korean, I used to focus on how a language could be practical in everyday use. I studied because I thought it could be useful. Then, I thought I could use my skills to communicate and get by in many countries without really stopping to think about all of its implications. But as I started learning more languages, I realized there’s more to language learning than meets the eye.

At first, I was surprised: I had always heard about how impactful it could be when I listened to other people’s immersion trip stories, but I rather…

How to capture the essence of your reading

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In university, my Literature teacher used to say: this is the time for you to finally start learning how to read. No one has really taught you how to do it until now: let’s do this! Then, I thought to myself: have I been doing it wrong for all these years? Is there a proper way to read? What does this mean?

At first, I was puzzled by this paradoxical affirmation. Isn’t it just about that: reading? Discovering new universes, new characters and reflecting upon new ideas about the world around us. …

An effective way to reconnect with yourself

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I remember it like it was yesterday. Here I was — 10 p.m. — laying on my bed, anxious and tired. Why am I always like this? Why am I sad for no reason?

I was worn out. Every time I did something, it felt like I was putting on a mask of fallacy, acting as if I was a sitcom character trying to bring laughter to my viewer. I was overthinking things and I felt unfulfilled, useless.

At first, I just wrote my feelings down. Even though it calmed me down, I didn’t think that was enough. …

Moving is more than just boxes and goodbyes.

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve moved every four years. I’ve lived across countries and continents, met new people, and discovered new cultures.

Throughout my life, I’ve had the possibility of travelling the world and waking up under a different sky.

You’d expect me to only remember the stress of having to pack all of your belongings and go to an unknown place. But it has truly helped me grow as an individual and provided me with invaluable memories I’ll remember forever.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons from moving every four years. …

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